Site Selection Analysis

A sound business site selection is a critical decision for any business. There are a large number of factors that can make your business succeed. It is easier to change other factors however costs of relocating your business can be prohibitive or very expensive in the best case scenario.

We help you make informed decisions that puts your business on map.

We help you with Site Selection Analysis incorporating

•   existing customer profiling

•   existing customer locations

•   competitive analysis

•   trade area calculation

•   analysis and mapping

•   demographic analysis,

•   census and other reports

•   and market data analysis

•   market potential analysis

•   Analysis of site impact on overall store network(cannibalisation)

Market analysis

What does it reveal

•   Evaluation of factors at existing sites to determine what makes them successful

•   identification of potential markets within a city that offer the best likelihood of success of your brand/concept.

•   Opportunity analysis of specific tread areas based on customer demographics, spend profiles, growth trends, market profiles using a fair geographical basis for comparison.

•   Evaluation of the performance of potential trade areas you have selected against your existing sites.

•   Correlation of potential sites with the best site.

What it means for your business

•   Make informed store location choices in areas likely to generate traffic and profitability.

•   Understand the customers in high potential markets.

•   Prioritise your expansion strategy from highest potential markets

•   Create targeted marketing strategies driving your customers to new location.

Customers and Trade Area

Cannibalisation Analysis

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