IP Intelligence

With IP Intelligence, you can perfect audience segmentation capabilities and targeting based on following parameters

Country Region/State   City   US DMA/MSA  
Home/Business Zip/Postal Codes Time Zone ISP
Company Name Org Name   NAICS Codes   Connection Speed  
Latitude/Longitude   Domain Name U.S. Area Code   Mobile  
Proxies   Demographics   Language    U.K. ITV Regions



•   99.9999% of Globe

•   Independently audited accuracy rates of over 99.9% at country level

•   Over 96% of accuracy at cit level ( Keynote Systems, Feb 2008)

By leveraging IP Intelligence you can improve the effectiveness of online applications

Targeted Online Advertising 

Just knowing something as simple as website visitors location is a crucial factor for success and customers are increasingly demanding enhanced targeting of their online campaigns in order to reduce wasted impressions, increase click through rates and improve message reach by delivering relevant ads to specific audiences.


- 30 - 300% increase in response rates

- Geo-targeted impressions sell for 30-50% premium over untargeted

- Makes remnant inventory more valuable


Content Localisation

One size fits all content no longer cuts in the global internet medium. In the real world, retailers know where their customers are and stock shelves differently; present signs and conduct transactions in native languages, and show prices in right currency. IP Intelligence allows companies of any size to customise website content, language, currency, products and promotions to create an instant connection with website visitors, reduce abandonment rates and increase time evaluating products and services all resulting in increased sales and revenue.


- Target Content and products to meet the needs of visitors where they live

- Web visitors 6-7 times more likely to click-thru and convert when content is localised


Enhanced Analytics 

There is no disputing the power of web analysis as a tool to solidify and validate strategic online marketing activities and IP intelligence is a perfect compliment to online analytics applications. By leveraging geographical and other IP intelligence data within analytics packages, companies can further segment and gain deeper insight into customer behaviour - the true benchmark for critical assessment of online channel.


- Understand where visitors are coming from and how geographic segments behave

- Refine and monitor local and international marketing operations


Geographic Rights Management

While controlled distribution of online content - be it digital music, movies, or software can be a difficult task in the anonymous online world, it should by no means, deter business from leveraging the power of the internet to reach a global audience. IP Intelligence technology allows organisations to effectively manage the distribution of online content, ensuring that licensing and copyright agreements are adhered to and digital assets are protected against online piracy.


- Effectively manage the distribution of online content, ensuring that licensing and copyright agreements are adhered to and digital assets are protected against piracy.


Other Benefits

Increase offline Sales

- Automatically direct traffic to local store location

- Promote local store sales and events to drive traffic

Online Fraud Prevention

- Enhance online customer verification capabilities by utilising IP based data for real-time customer authentication.

Key Advantages

- Does not rely on cookies which are invasive

- Not representative of where IP address are deployed which represents block owners corporate details

- Reliable even when users surf from multiple locations


Based on data elements and number of IP address look ups per month

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