Data Automation

Technologies including the Big Data Technologies are like manufacturing robots. They let people do what they are already trying to do, only faster than before and at a much greater scale. But as with any product. that analysed data is nothing without humans to do something with it.

We help organisations achieve this goal faster and at lower cost because we have found innovative ways to solve this problem.


Have data that needs to be verified? A database that needs additional attributes? Thousands of pieces of data that need to be collected, normalized, or de-duplicated? A new data-cleansing algorithm that needs to be trained? We can help you clean your data quickly and efficiently.

Data Verification, Entry, and Collection

Need to verify information via phone or web so that you have accurate and more relevant content for your customers. Examples might include business listing verification.

Example Tasks:

·         Verify if a phone number for a business is still operational.

·         Validate a restaurant's location and proximity to other services.

·         Get the hours of operation of the business centre in a hotel.

·         Find the ticker symbol and Twitter handle for a company.

·         Identify contact information for press representatives at specific companies.


Data Cleansing, Normalisation, and De-duplication

Maintaining accurate data to run your business is a never-ending task, especially if you have multiple data sources. Ask us to normalise your data, eliminate duplicates, and resolve conflicts. Human intelligence can greatly improve your data quality beyond what can be achieved with machine algorithms alone.

Example Tasks:

·         Identify and correct duplicates.

·         Normalise content fields to conform to a uniform format.

·         Correct spelling errors.

·         Find missing data or information.


Algorithm Training

We can help you quickly develop large sets of training data to train your data-cleansing and normalization algorithms.


Conducting broad research can be expensive and time-consuming but using our innovative approaches you can distribute your research tasks to large number of people to finish your work quickly and efficiently.

Example Tasks:

·         Research music preferences in different countries.

·         Conduct a survey on purchase habits and best practices.


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